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Improve your payment processing and get your funds!

Managing numerous payments and merchants accounts can be overwhelming. Orderwave possesses many impressive payment tools to intelligently maintain your various accounts. In a high-risk business? Let Orderwave’s tools maneuver among your various gateways and merchant accounts, ensuring that you never exceed any limits.

Oversee unlimited merchant accounts and payment gateways using advanced tools. These tools ensure that your business meets the transactional obligations imposed by each gateway. Integrated with all major gateways, Orderwave gives you the flexibility to select the best gateway for your business. Rest assured that consumer payment information is safe as we are a PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Solution provider.

Intelligent Payment Tools:

Control Active Time Frames

Control when gateways conduct transactions.  Implement temporary scheduled pauses to your gateways in case of maintenance.  Ensure that sales and transactions continue by allowing other gateways to accept funds in the instance of a paused primary gateway.

Dictate Order and Processing Types

Determine what types of orders and processing types flow through a specific gateway.  Depending on business rules and merchant account restrictions, process particular orders through a specific gateway.

Maximum Amount per Transaction

Merchant accounts often impose maximum dollar amounts per transaction.  Processing above the prescribed maximum may damage the tenuous relationship between merchants and their merchant account.  Orderwave will restrict transactions to a specified maximum amount, ensuring compliance.

User-Based Access

Assign administrate gateway and transaction access based on user roles.  Reduce the potential for transaction errors by unapproved personnel.


A sticky gateway has successfully processed a previous transaction and will continue to process subsequent transactions which use the same credit card.  The payment method entered during the initial transaction will stick to all subsequent transactions, allowing scheduled processing of continuity orders, without additional customer interaction.  Reduce customer frustration and order abandonment by facilitating the transaction process, thus sustaining sales.

Merchant Load Balancing

Diversify merchant accounts and reduce dependency.  Load balancing advocates a fluid transactional environment and promotes business sustainability.  Distribute payments across various accounts.   Apply either round robin, transactions proceed through gateways in a circular order, or dollar amount, funds distributed evenly across accounts.

Multi-Pay Configuration & Scheduled Billing

Configure simple or extremely complicated multi-pay plans to meet the needs of promotional offers.  Present the market with lower monthly payments, enticing new customers.  Allow Orderwave to automatically capture funds at specific intervals.

When offering a free trial, require customers to first pay shipping and handling plus tax prior to shipping out goods.  Automatically schedule the capture of the balance at a predefined date.

Virtual Terminal

Orderwave comes with an intuitive, virtual terminal that communicates to all integrated gateways.  Capture, refund, void, or authorize transactions with customers in real-time.  Provide a better customer service experience by completing transactions immediately.

Abundant Selection of Payment Gateways

Orderwave is proudly integrated with over thirty payment gateways.  View the featured, expanding list here.

Be sure that you are using all Orderwave’s payment tool to their full potential.  Feel free to reach out to our Business Development team at with any questions.