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Manage Subscriptions, Continuity, & Recurring Payments

The Easy Way to Manage Subscriptions & Continuity Programs

Trust the pioneers of subscription management software. Orderwave is both powerful and intuitive; plus quick to configure and granular enough to let our clients craft detailed continuity programs. We’ve thought of everything and exceed the abilities of any alternative on the market. We’ll get rid of the pain associated with recurring billing.

2-Tiered Approach

  1. Subscription or continuity management system for simple auto-shipments of the same product at predefined intervals.
  2. A mapped-out, subscription and continuity program designer that allows our clients to ship different SKUs, at different intervals, with complete control over the flow of the program.

We call these different types of programs Auto-Ship Plans and Continuity Profiles, respectively.

Trust Your Subscription & Continuity Program

To The Experts

Auto-ship Plans

The easiest way to implement continuity in Orderwave. Simply locate an item on a customer’s order and trigger it for auto-shipment. That’s it. Set the price and number of days between shipments. Orderwave takes care of the rest.

Save The Sale

Orderwave pre-generates continuity orders and schedules them to be charged (and released) on their due date. You have the freedom to manipulate scheduled orders in order to save the sale. Offer reduce shipping costs, add value-added items, postpone shipments, and more.


Continuity Profiles

Configure advanced business rules in your continuity plan. Structure the flow, SKUs, payment plans, shipping calculations, even repetition of steps to match the most creative of offerings. Perfect for your new box of the month subscription!

Free Trial Management

Starting with a free trial? You need a hosted software suite like Orderwave to simplify the process.

Create HTML-rich Campaigns to Simplify Complex Business Rules

Like any marketer with a free-trial offer, you’ve designed a campaign that’s easy to explain, but seemingly difficult to execute. Orderwave bundles it’s impressive array of features into manageable campaigns. Simply integrate your payment plans, continuity programs, items, and merchant gateway account into a campaign-code, and Orderwave will execute your campaign with precision.

Attract new customers with creative and effective campaigns. Create a customized HTML campaign landing page with Orderwave.


Flexible Delayed & Distributed Payments

Use Orderwave’s payment plan designer to easily configurable  “Free trial” or delayed payment plan.  Design a distributed 3-pay, 4-pay, or any other payment plan you can dream up.