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DRG Intelligent Computer Concepts Inc.  (ICC) was founded in 1990, as a technology firm that sought to help companies use technology in intelligent and creative ways.

We knew that the personal computer revolution was changing the business landscape in dramatic directions, and we wanted to guide our customers in both choosing the right technological path, as well as setting up the right software and processes to transform their businesses.

Over the years, we’ve transformed our business in many ways to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve established a professional services division that allows our customers to utilize our in-house team of customer relationship professionals to fill-out their offerings.

We’ve created a software development department that designs and builds, from concept to execution, our flagship software products, including Orderwave™, our order management software suite.

Orderwave was born out of a long history of doing order management for a variety of customers.  Before we named the product, we started helping clients who were running DRTV (infomercial) campaigns that needed help with creating packing slips, managing inventory, and capturing payments.  

We began to recognize the potential of a full-featured software suite that would combine all of the necessary back-office and logistical requirements of order management into one web-based solution, and the culmination of that experience and effort became Orderwave.

Over the years, the direct-to-consumer model has become the de facto choice for maximizing profits, engaging consumers with brands, and spearheading growth for companies. Through this evolution, Orderwave has been there, adding features and capabilities that meet and exceed the requirements of nimble companies from large and small.

One of the key pieces of this puzzle is the ability to handle large volumes of orders in a short period of time.  We developed a unique data-model in our latest version of the software that is highly efficient at ingesting and processing data at a rapid pace, which reduces delays to the warehouse, reduces the time to collect funds, and reduces headaches for customer service.

We also have learned that the trend of focusing on User Experience (UX) extends way beyond the front-end.  When optimizing for UX, the first inclination is to emphasize on the website/e-commerce application that engages directly with the consumer.  

While this is indeed important, any logistical delays, or lacks of communication on shipping statuses, can remove any UX gains you have achieved in the front-end.  

Through all of this, we have achieved our success by focusing on meeting the needs of our clients.  Our software development process takes direction from our customers first.  This is a singular vision for us.  We don’t just have clients; we like to believe that we partner with each of our clients in ensuring their success.  

When you truly care about your clients’ success, it shows.  One of the ways this is evident for us is the long term nature of our client base.  We have clients that we have maintained 20+ year relationships with, and continue to be happy with our people and our platform.

Currently, ICC employs 45 smart and dedicated team members. While our backgrounds and specialties are diverse, we all have a common goal: to bring intelligent uses of technology to our customers. With this unique singular vision, we continue to innovate for our customers, bringing the strength of our organization to our customers. We’ve done all this, while continuing to provide best-of-breed hardware and network service implementations.

All of this clearly demonstrates that while we’re devoted to helping companies use technology intelligently, we’re also a company that is built on relationships. We have strong relationships with our employees that have led to many of our team members being with us for 10+ years. We have strong relationships with our customers; our success is our customers’ success.

In the coming years, we will continue to release exciting features and software that is focused on serving our customers, and we invite you to reach out to us to hear more about how we can partner with you.

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