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There has never been a better time to have an online business. The web is a vast place and it just gets bigger every day. This translates into plenty of business opportunities. Of course, servicing all those beautiful opportunities and promoting your business can take a lot of your time.

This is where the right software tools can be beneficial in keeping everything under control. Here are six software tools that can help you stay on top of things:


One of the easiest ways to send emails to any number of people is with MailChimp. It can handle your marketing efforts with an included suite of mobile apps. MailChimp allows you to quickly and effectively reach out to your online business customers on your schedule.

With hundreds of e-commerce integrations, MailChimp can help you automate customer-friendly product follow-ups that make the customer feel like you are there to help. It is also an excellent opportunity to upsell, adding a supporting product that compliments the customer’s purchase. It can also be used to send in stock messages, allowing you to make a sale that you may have otherwise missed.

MailChimp has developed a campaign builder tool for your marketing. This tool allows you to quickly create an email marketing campaign that is well suited to deliver your message. The beauty of a good email campaign is that it can be used to both sell products and connect with customers through stories and news. No online business should overlook the power of email.

MailChimp is one of the largest automated marketing platforms available today, so they can handle any marketing campaign that you dream up.

QuickBooks Online

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks is one of the first names that come to mind.  Now with their OuickBooks Online product for the cloud, it has never been easier to maintain business financials. And you never have to worry about a backup.

QuickBooks Online allows you to keep track of your sales and expenses in your online business. It can send invoices and sales receipts quickly and efficiently, even while you are on the go. it has never been more convenient to manage financial accounts.

The software can also connect to your bank and credit card accounts to automatically download transactions. This means that you won’t even have to type in most of your transactions. No longer will you forget something only to search for it later when you go to balance your accounts.

QuickBooks Online can make your online business a well-run business. Nothing is stopping you from trying it since you can get started for free on their website.


Today it is more important than ever to track customer satisfaction. Satismeter allows your online business to track a real-time customer satisfaction score, known as Net Promoter Scores (NPS). You can know how you are doing with your customer base every day.

Satismeter accomplishes this through the use of code snippet which you can use on your website or even in an app. This allows the software to collect information directly from your site. Satismeter can also collect its information through automated emails and surveys, which it then relays back to you.

Satismeter can collect feedback from your customers through its surveys, giving you insight into how to better serve them. They offer an easy way to start.  And, your first 100 responses are free.


As long as you have customers, you are going to need a customer support solution. Groove is designed to help you with customer support through it’s ticketing system. It can also provide a handy customer help widget which will search your knowledge base for answers. By assisting customers with their questions, Groove can help to minimize the need for direct help.

The system can integrate with your current email, allowing you to handle customer tickets wherever you happen to be. This will let you stay on top of customer service even when you are on the road.

Groove also provides insightful reports on how well you are handling your customer service through such metrics as average response time, customer ratings, and more.


Just because a business is online doesn’t mean it has no use for phones. Grasshopper provides an excellent VolP solution for small businesses. Their virtual phone system lets you take calls from anywhere, and it all works with the hardware you currently own.

Grasshopper makes it easy to route calls as needed in case you are working with a team of people in your online business. This can help your business run smoothly both on the customer side and on the business side of things.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of voicemails. Grasshopper will automatically transcribe the voicemails from your virtual phone system and deliver them to your email inbox for consumption at your convenience. Each person can have their own extension, or you may find it handy to break up business roles by extension.

Of course, Grasshopper also offers the standard features that can be invaluable in running an online business. There are voicemail and business texting for your virtual numbers, and you can forward calls as you need in case you are in an area that doesn’t work with your cell phone.

Grasshopper offers a free 30-day trial to get started.


When it comes to your marketing, it can sometimes be challenging to keep everything in sync. CoSchedule excels at this, tying together campaigns with your marketing team (if you have one.) Through its calendar based system, you can see your entire marketing schedule at a glance.

CoSchedule will also help you create and schedule social media content, which should never be overlooked for an online business. You can use Best Time Scheduling for your chosen platform to be sure that your message is heard. A reusable bulk delivery plan can be created that will handle dozens of messages to different social media platforms.

It’s not always easy to come up with social media content. CoSchedule will let you reuse your best pieces, and it will automatically determine the best times for sharing. Managing social media doesn’t get any easier.

The best news about CoSchedule is that you can get started for free to see if it fits your online business.

Keeping an online business under control can be a lot easier through the use of the right software. While there are many tools on the market, these six offer a well-balanced solution for your needs.

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